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We believe training is a human to human action. We do not think training can be delegated to a piece of software or hardware.
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But, we knew technology could help. We were confident it could help improve the learner’s experience and enhance the way content was presented. It was also obvious technology could help bring everything together making it easier to monitor progress.

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So, we created a platform that can be used and blended to the unique work environment of the restaurant industry. Accountability and transparency were cornerstones in our design and development. We knew that if we increase both of those, follow through and follow up will happen and training will improve.

Technology alone will not improve training. Helping our clients develop good training habits and disciplines is a key part of our involvement. Many of these habits and disciplines include being very specific with the who, when, and what of the training process. Everyone involved knowing their part is key to the level of success in training.

Again, we help our clients by looking at training comprehensively, and then provide a tool, Stella Trainer, that will help them, and you achieve better results.

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